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Anonymous said: What did that other Anon mean by harry responding to wangbt lyrics? I think I missed something...

Zach Braff and Harry were tweeting back and forth one night and Zach tweeted Harry something along the lines of “we are never, ever, ever get back together” and Harry responded.

PS Don’t hold me to this exactly because it’s been a while but yeah..


Remember when Nickelodeon showed Harry’s dick to 10 year olds


Taylor liked this picture of Eleanor on Instagram :)

Taylor liked this picture of Eleanor on Instagram :)

Anonymous said: I feel like Tay might stay if she's free as Ed, Lorde and Paramore all perform then and she's pretty good mates with them all, although they aren't gonna get back together it's nice just to have sweet moments and too watch 1d fans cry about it as she got the D and they are just reading fanfics fantasizing about it.

hahahahahaa yesssssss :)

Anonymous said: Taylor liked a picture of el on Instagram and you knew!!!! I saw your rt of it on twitter!!! TY YOU HAVE TO TELL US HERE TOO NEXT TIME ANYTHING HAYLOR RELATED HAPPENS!!! So if taylor liked a picture of el maybe she'll also like haylor related things! Whoever has an Instagram account please send taylor haylor related pictures

hahaha my bad! I’ll post it :) :) :)

Anonymous said: Don't give up haylor shippers, there are still more events this year to come, we have the radio 1 teen awards, AMA's and the best event for a haylor reunion.. THE JINGLE BALL!!!!!!!

i like your thinking ;)

one direction performing wmyb at the closing ceremony of the olympics

Anonymous said: Well lorde and ed are playing the next day, maybe taylor will stay for lorde! Imagine them all going to dinner after the show, taylor, ed, harry and lorde! There is still hope!!